Manutan optimizes its B2B bid responses and online sales with Target2Sell’s open Artificial Intelligence solution 

Manutan, the European leader in B2B e-commerce, has implemented business algorithms based on in-depth knowledge of its business and customers with two distinct objectives: to optimize responses to calls for tenders and to increase its cross-selling online sales. In collaboration with Manutan’s Merchandising and Data teams, Target2Sell developed and deployed these specific business algorithms on its open platform.

In order to offer the right offer and products to each of its customers, Manutan selected Target2Sell in January 2016 to support them to personalize its digital touchpoints.

Manutan has gradually deployed, on its 25 subsidiaries located in 17 European countries, the product recommendation and the personalized ranking modules on category pages from Target2Sell. This close collaboration with Manutan’s Merchandising teams enabled to increase the online conversion rate by 20% and the average basket by 10%.

 Lionel Garcia Manutan « Through the AI, Target2Sell has opened up the possibility for us to calculate and deploy new custom personalization algorithms based on our business needs. Whether in terms of technical platform, business support or Data Scientists skills, this collaborative approach is a real added value for a specialized group like Manutan »

Lionel Garcia, E-merchandising  Manager at Manutan